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The Hunt by GorosArt The Hunt by GorosArt
In a land before time only the greatest hunters can ride a trol. Therefore they have to challenge a trol to be able to rule over the creature. In a fierce fight the Master cut of the trols horns and gained the creatures respect.
It's the first hunt together. As they walk through the coppice they descry a couple of deers in a clearing. The Hunter gives the command to attack the deers, pulls the reins and picks up a spear out of the quiver. The trol obeys his masters command and starts to run.
The ground terembles under the heavy steps of the trol and the deers are fleeing in different directions trying to escape the danger. The master picked one fine deer and commands the trol to go after it. The deer is fast but trol is faster. He easily caches up with the deer. The hunter prepares for his throw. Suddenly a rabbit jumps out of coppice and distracts the trol.
The Trol tries to follow the white Rabbit but the Master pulls the reins and screams: "THE DEER YOU FOOL! GO FOR THE DEER!"

Daily Deviation

Given 2010-02-05
The Hunt by ~Goro79 The suggester writes: "The gorgeous colors make this piece a phenomenal treat; I adore the artist's careful attention to depth and detail. There's a lot of love in this art and that's what defines a true artist for me." ( Suggested by OneFreeInternet and Featured by savagebinn )
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September 20, 2008
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